If there is something Jávea can be proud of is of its fabulous beaches and wonderful coves, precious natural spots where you can enjoy calm and crystal-clear waters, small paradises where to get lost and delight with the sun and warm temperatures that this lovely town possesses nearly all year round. At present, Jávea has the privilege of having 3 beaches awarded with the Blue Flag, these are: Grava Beach, Arenal Beach and Granadella Cove, furthermore the Nautical Club of Jávea also disposes this valued honour. Many of the beaches and coves of this lovely town have numerous services: hammocks and parasols, foot showers, service for disabled, beaconing on the shore, children’s play areas and, moreover, bars, shops and different services available in the nearby.


Jávea is a town where you can find more than Beach Tourism, there are numerous sport and leisure activities to enjoy the natural environment during your holiday, even more for those of you that love Active Tourism. Jávea has an endless number of hiking routes where you can discover step by step the beautiful sea and mountain landscapes and surprise yourself with the beauty of one of the most precious coastlines of the Costa Blanca. For climbing lovers there are also activities like the incredible climbing Ambolo trip, gorgeous cliff with crystal-clear waters where we can see the Discoverer’s Island. Or we can enjoy bike routes that  go across the most beautiful  scenery where to discover lookouts or, for example, the Montgó Natural Park.


Javea’s coast counts on a varied geography. Along its 25km of coastline we can discover infinity of treasures in its coves, beaches, islet, caves or natural marine reserves. Javea’s littoral is a superb place to practice scuba diving or snorkel, in order to appreciate all the richness of its marine flora and fauna. For these, the Tourism Offices of Jávea have a guide so that these activities can be accomplished in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Likewise, the calm and crystal-clear waters of the coast of Jávea give us the chance of doing sports like kayak or paddle surf, leisure activities to enjoy in the most amusing way with family or friends.


After a refreshing swim in the beach or a long walk around the small historical centre of the town of Jávea we may get hungry, well then, we are in the perfect site to savour the best Mediterranean gastronomy. Jávea is one of those places where eating is a pleasure, where the quality and freshness of its products are the flagship of its best local cuisine. In Jávea will have the opportunity of tasting the most authentic paellas, like the fish paella “arroz a banda”; savouring the fresher fishes and seafood in a typical “Cruet de Peix”; or try a wide range of traditional dishes of the area, like for example  “Cocas”, “Esgarrat” or start mouth watering with the sweetest bite of a “Pastisset”.


Jávea has quiet a busy agenda of holiday festivities and events. Enjoying this kind of social events will give you a chance to drawn yourself in Javea’s culture and lifestyle in order to get the most authentic vocational experience. The top festivity of the town occurs during the month of June with the St. John’s Hogueras, but well there are many more festive events like, for example, Moors and Christians. Additionally, during all year round there are numerous events like fairs, medieval markets, nautical sport events or musical festivals like “Xàbia Jazz” or “Xàbia Folk”.


Javea is a surprising town; its history and culture are very rich. As time goes by, from the most ancient days of prehistory to nowadays, Javea has lived different historical periods that for centuries have left a wide historical and cultural heritage. Soler Blasco Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum can show us the trace of time in this lovely Mediterranean coastal town. We can also discover the architectural heritage of Jávea: we can see churches and houses of different styles; and we can also come across the typical “Ruiraus”, representative rural elements of the architecture of Jávea.